Cooking and hospitality nourish the mind, body, and soul—enhancing all aspects of life. I create unforgettable culinary experiences, using organic, seasonal ingredients from local farms and gardens that look as great as they taste. 

I’ve partnered with the exclusive venues listed below to create memorable, bespoke events for you and your guests. This can be a cooking class, a party, a corporate event, a salon evening, and so much more. Through close collaboration, we’ll harness my experience and close knit relationships with vendors (and venues) to bring your vision into reality. 

The event venues include: 

Studio D Recording Studio in Sausalito on the San Francisco Bay
Charles Krug Winery, the oldest winery in the Napa Valley
Sunray Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma County
Williams-Sonoma’s original location in Sonoma’s historic downtown
Magic Theatre with an Improv class by the Bay Area Theatre Sports BATS
Slide Ranch, located on the coast of Marin County

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Studio D Recording Studio

This well-known recording studio on the Sausalito waterfront is a mecca for recording artists. Many multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning albums have come to life within its storied walls. The greats who have recorded at Studio D include Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Third Eye Blind, Chris Isaak, Carlos Santana, Ringo Starr, and Huey Lewis and the News. Be a part of Studio D’s ongoing history!

You are welcomed into the studio, where framed award-winning albums cover the walls—creating an unforgettable entrance for your guests. The next wow factor is a personal guided tour of the sound booth, including an up-close look at the exquisite audio console. This is a special experience, especially for the audiophile or music buff. But Studio D is cool enough for anyone to appreciate, even the casual fan.
Studio D has the perfect ambiance to create an evening your friends, family, employees, or teammates won’t soon forget. A specially planned gathering is one of the most memorable gifts you can give your guests.

We’ll help you create a theme and plan the music, food, and décor for your special evening. Want to dance? No problem—the sound studio can provide a DJ, so you can hit the dance floor after dinner. We can provide classical, jazz, singer/songwriters, rock, or pop artists. With the diverse range of artists in the Bay Area, we have all the options you need. We work directly with booking agents and can also bring in a specific performer upon request. Rock on!

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Charles Krug Winery

Experience a private wine-tasting and cooking class hosted at the oldest winery in the Napa Valley, St Helena, California—truly iconic!

I first had the pleasure of experiencing Charles Krug as a guest. But the event planner in me immediately wanted to be on the other side of the table! Determined to find a way to host events and produce a cooking experience for others here, I’ve finally gotten my chance. The wonderful Mondavi family at Charles Krug has given me exclusive access to offer cooking classes. As part of your experience, you’ll have a private tour of the grounds, vineyards and barrel room, all while learning about the historical importance of the winery. We coordinate the menu with the wine tasting so that each course pairs with the perfect Charles Krug wine.

Charles Krug is the oldest and one of the most iconic wineries in The Napa Valley. The Mondavi family purchased Charles Krug winery in 1943 and produced their first vintage of wine in 1944—and the rest is history. Experience the winery that put Napa Valley on the map!

This is the perfect gathering spot for your family gathering, corporate event, team-building experience, birthday party, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding, or any special occasion.

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If you’re looking for a unique, interactive venue for corporate events or private parties, look no further than the original Williams-Sonoma store in the charming town of Sonoma. Here, “finding the right cooking tool for the job” began with Chuck Williams in 1956. This store is truly a slice of culinary history!

I am delighted to offer you and your clients or friends the opportunity to enjoy a special four-course meal and an interactive cooking experience. The classes and meals are designed in concert to stimulate conversation and build relationships. Private tours of the store, which includes the Chuck Williams home, are also available upon request.

Your friends or colleagues will be telling the story of their cooking class at Williams-Sonoma for years to come. And the best part is, they can take the skills they learn home with them—a gift that lasts far beyond the event itself. Hospitality and shared experiences are the foundation of any friendship, family, or business.

Menus are designed to highlight organic, seasonal dishes sourced from local ingredients. Enjoy the wide array of farms and other purveyors this agriculturally innovative area offers. You can relax knowing that every element of the immersive cooking experience has been planned for you. Make a delicious meal—for example, pizzas based on your favorite toppings.

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Sunray Farm

From the moment you arrive at the 14-acre farm in the heart of Sonoma, you know you’re in a special place! The loving attention given to each detail of the farm creates a magical and relaxing atmosphere. Sunray Farm will soothe your soul. There are flowers, fruit trees, greenhouse vegetable sprouts, row upon row of vegetables basking in the sun, a beautiful chicken coop bustling with busy hens, and a couple of roosters to keep everyone happy. They produce enough to offer their beautiful produce for you and your party and enough to provide local farmer’s markets.

Mark, owner and founder of Sunray Farm, says that people want food that they can feel great eating. Mark and his team are working to fulfill the collective desire to nourish families and communities in healthy, flavorful, and joyful ways. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Mark or one of his extraordinary team members will give you and your guests a personal farm tour. Here, you’ll learn how to compost, grow organic, nutrient-dense food, and understand the importance of permaculture. Find out how to turn your yard into a buzzing, vibrant, colorful, and nutritious garden, and enjoy the produce you’ve grown yourself. Sunray Farm just might inspire you to go home and start digging!

The experience culminates in a meal that redefines the term farm-to-table. We’ll help you curate an all-inclusive theme, including the seasonal menu and décor directly from the fields. We tailor the experience to a specific type of personal or business event. How about a book party with a menu reflecting major plot points? A corporate lunch inspired by your next big innovation? A baby shower with a focus on tasty and healthy self-care? We love a good challenge—bring us your needs, and together, we’ll make some celebration magic.

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The Magic Theatre

The Magic Theatre was founded in 1967 by groundbreaking artistic director John Lion, who created a space for new American voices to hit the stage. Since then, it has served as an essential workshop for the development of contemporary playwrights. Sam Shepherd notably debuted some of his best-known works during the decade he spent at the Magic, from 1974 – 1984. Located in the Presidio National Park on the San Francisco Bay, its name is inspired by its extraordinary location, as well as the theatrical “magic” that has come to life within its walls.

As part of your experience at the Magic Theatre, you’ll be given a tour of the space and learn its history. Go behind the scenes and find out what the greats of the American stage already know.

We are all born performers—the pressures of life simply drill the impulse out of us. Bring out the playfulness and dramatic flair in your guests by allowing us to set the scene. Dress-up invites them to step outside of themselves; we will provide costumes and activities. Then it’s off to cocktails and dinner on stage, where it’s your turn to create your own magic!

BATS Improv is more than a professional theatre company—it’s an artistic community that cultivates and innovates the craft of improvised theatre through engaging, playful, creative performance and training. This can boost collaboration and esprit de corps at your company, provide a hilarious backdrop for your bachelor(ette) or wedding party, and bring out the inner child in your friends or family. Don’t be shy; your BATS teacher will put you at ease. You’ll have the space to let loose and have more fun than you ever imagined.

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Slide Ranch

The California coast is one place you can visit repeatedly. Slide Ranch could not be a better introduction if you have never been to the Pacific coast. Slide Ranch is about 30 minutes north of Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. The variety of locations on the property, such as the Mongolian Yurt, the vegetable garden, the flower garden, and the Main House, are all beautiful locations for the number of activities available for those who would like to have a hands-on experience. It’s ideal for any celebration, especially for kids and the young at heart.

Slide Ranch is a non-profit organization founded as an environmental education program for kids. We donate a portion of our fee to nurture the work at Slide Ranch.

At Slide Ranch, we offer more than just a party-we curate an adventure. Our fabulous food is a highlight, with each menu designed especially for you. The ‘wild’ comes from the ingredients we use, sourced from the Slide Ranch slopes and the Slide Ranch’s Garden. We like to call our meals Wild-to-Table, a unique dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

As a former resident of Slide Ranch, I have a treasure trove of memories and stories to share. Slide Ranch was not just a pioneer of the environmental movement but also a vibrant party spot for the counterculture. I invite you to step back in time and experience its rich history and unique charm. It’s a place that has shaped lives and continues to inspire a love for nature and sustainable living.

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