Chef RoShamBo’s Mission

Beatrix Potter meets Jamie Oliver
Chef RoShamBo Cooks! teaches aspiring chefs basic cooking techniques; easy and delicious recipes; and the basic principals of menu composition to inspire a lifelong passion for food.

Chef RoShamBo Cooks! follows RoShamBo, an intrepid, young chef and his kitchen companions—Panther, a French bon vivant cat and Colette, a cotton tail rabbit with an expertise in seasonal ingredients—on culinary adventures through the seasons. Chef RoShamBo Cooks! engages children’s love of adventure, while educating and inspiring them about the joys of cooking and the edible marvels of the natural world.

Chef RoShamBo Cooks! emphasizes local, seasonal and organic ingredients, encouraging children to look to the world around them for inspiration, while also cultivating a thoughtful and inquisitive attitude towards the foods they eat.

Chef RoShamBo Cooks! teaches young people the culinary skills necessary to realize simple recipes, and eventually more challenging ones, through an approach designed for long-term learning. It aims to build confidence inside and outside of the kitchen through teaching life lessons in a fun and hands-on way and catering to a variety of experience levels.

Chef RoShamBo Cooks! offers children and grown-ups alike the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world through cooking. Recipes from around the world teaches the reader about other culinary and cultural traditions, as well as ingredients from both the backyard and far away lands. By highlighting seasonal ingredients, we learn about what produce is the most flavorful at various times of year. This helps us make informed decisions when shopping at the grocery store, and also appreciate the natural cycle of the seasons as it applies to cooking.